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Simple Fall Decor

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I am drawn to fall and spring as being periods of transition and change. There is something magical about the in between. Here in Arizona fall is marked with gorgeous weather .... when it finally decides to stop being 100 degrees outside.

The big debate it seems when decorating during this time of year is if you focus on a fall based theme or run with the Halloween decor. I am firmly in the fall and love adding little touches around the house. Back in January Chris and I reorganized our furniture and really made our kitchen area feel like a home. This display makes it so fun to decorate in the heart of our home and where we as a family spend a majority of our time.

I love our letterboard. I love updating it throughout the year even more! I am mildly obsessed with it right now. I mean .... "oohh my GOURD ... I love fall" too! The checkered pumpkin was a find at Hobby Lobby and I love it. The sweet little berry vase is from the Magnolia collection at Target and the green felt pumpkin was a Target Spot score.

The "give thanks" banner is an oldie but goodie and I honestly don't know where it came from. I found it in our "fall" tote ... which I haven't probably opened in 1-2 moves. Whoops! The cotton plans and white ceramic pumpkin also came from Hobby Lobby.

Wrapping things up ... the cute little metal house came from the Target Spot. I LOVE chalkboard signs and Hobby Lobby delivered with the "gather" framed piece. Finally, the beautiful fall arrangement was another Target find.

I love how naturally the decorations fit in with the theme of our house and how much JOY they give me to look at them!

Do you decorate for fall? Or are you team Halloween?

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