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A Life Update

Hi friends! I have had a few messages lately from longtime readers on my social platforms and I got the itch back to come back to this space. I have to admit it, I have missed it! A lot has happened in the last 18 months since I last wrote so I thought the best thing to do was start with a life update and fill you in on our shenanigans! Moving forward I have a vision for this space - to make it one where I share life as a busy mom and entrepreneur while also sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks! Some of the things I am passionate about is organizing, productivity, time management, and network marketing success! I have learned a lot and want to pass that on to you all. So let's get to it!

I retired from full-time clinical medicine to be a full-time mom and entrepreneur

It's been just over a year now that we decided that it was time for me to work my business full-time. It had honestly grown to be too big to manage while juggling my PA career and frankly more lucrative so it was the most logical decision. While it was scary at the time, I can honestly say it was the best decision we ever made. I have loved every second of being a full time mom and entrepreneur and have found true passion and purpose for helping other women create more choices in their lives through a free opportunity on social media. It's been a wild ride and I cannot wait to see what's next!

We bought our dream house!

4 days before Christmas last year we closed on our dream house! We had been casually looking and when this one came on the market we got right into seeing it! We wanted a house in central Phoenix, with a good sized lot, close to family, with a lot of character. We found it and while closing was a process (a story for another day) we have loved it ever since. We are 1 mile from my mom and close to a very big park, which both the kids and the dogs all love! We have been tackling some home improvement projects every since and love our life here.

Emmalyne had her First Holy Communion and Confirmation

This was a big day for our family! As Catholics, we take our Sacraments very seriously. Emmalyne chose St. Anne for her confirmation saint. Saint Anne was the mother of Mary and grandmother to Jesus. It's special for us because Anne is both my mom's and my middle name too!

We had an epic summer

This summer was one of my favorite summers on record. We started it off with 10 day vacation that included time in Nashville, the Outer Banks, and Lake Norman. In Nashville we got to spend time with Chris' grandmother Jackie and it was so special for the girls to have time with the great-grandmother. From there we hopped a plane to Norfolk and drove down to the Outer Banks to meet our friends for 5 nights there! We saw wild horses, played mini-golf. swam in the ocean, when kayaking with alligators, and overall had a blast. We drop inland to our friend's lake house on Lake Norman and spent a few more days with more friends there! The girls had some awesome summer camps back home before we headed out to San Diego for the Fourth of July with another set of friends! They got to spend a week in Vegas with their grandparents and overall lived their best lives over those 9 weeks.

I planned and hosted a team event for 1000 people!

Our corporate headquarters opened for events in July and we jumped at the opportunity! I was the lead on planning our first in-person team event in 18 months. Originally we thought it would be 250 people because we compared it to our last event ... not taking into account how much bigger our teams are now! We ended up with almost 1000 people in attendance to learn from top leaders, deepen our community ties, and experience some of the best personal development in the business. I don't know if I have ever been as tired as I was going home from that event but it was worth it and a huge success.

Chris and I went to Punta Cana and Hawaii ... for free!

In August we headed down to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and in September we went to Hawaii - both were trips we earned from our company. It felt so good to be traveling again and even better to be doing it with so many of our friends. In Punta Cana we had 7 teammates qualify with us and Hawaii 27! It was so much fun celebrating their success and ours together on the company's dime.

We hit Team Elite!

I know this doesn't mean a lot to those outside our business, but Team Elite is the top 1% of our company. Nu Skin is a global company, in over 50 markets, and this means we are in the top 1% of all of them. This title represents years of goal chasing, vision casting, and dream building with the best team there is. We are so grateful and so proud of our Grit + Grace crew.

We expanded our family by 4 paws

We welcomed a sweet Australian Shepherd puppy to our circus and named him Lambeau. He is about 14 weeks now and is a perfect fit for our family. We still have trigger (14) and Zona (4) so now we are a family of 3 dogs and we love it!

While I feel there is so much more that has happened, these were some of the biggest highlights! I look forward to being here more often and continuing to share all about our crazy life. Thank you for sticking with me!

How long have you been a reader here? Where are my OGs at?

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