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My Dad's Legacy

Every single morning I sit down and write out 10 BIG, audaciously big, dreams that I have for my life. I keep the prayer card from my dad's funeral as a my bookmark as a constant reminder to keep chasing those dreams.

You see, my dad was a poor boy from Minnesota who had an audacious dream of becoming a physician. The odds were stacked against him but he was committed. He ended up enlisting in the Army knowing he would get the GI Bill to help pay for undergrad and found himself in Vietnam where he received a Purple Heart and survived a day that many wouldn't.

He came home, finished the time in the Army, and kept diligently working towards his dream of being a physician ... with a wife and baby now in tow. My dad did whatever it took to make that dream a reality ... scrubbing pans in a bakery at night for money and sacrificing sleep ... among other things.

But he DID IT. With the support of his family he became one of the best physicians to have walked this Earth. He was patient, kind, and brilliant. He accomplished his dream, and the world was a better place because of it. This became part of the legacy he left us.

So I carry his prayer card as a reminder, and a promise, that I will DARE GREATLY in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. That my dreams are already on their way to me and I will work hard and show up every day to make them a reality. He paved that way for me ... and I know he is walking with me on my own journey.

So friend ... know that YOUR dreams matter. No matter how big or audacious as they seem. No matter if no one understands them or supports you on the way. If they were put there on your heart they are destined FOR you .... if you choose to dare greatly and show up to claim them.

What dream do you find being on your heart?

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