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Feel The Fear ... And Do It Anyway

Yesterday was a fun day in my inbox. I got 3 itineraries sent to me from Chris for trips this summer ... Utah for a team event, Nashville to see friends and family, and Yosemite for a medical conference/family vacay.

I was pumped. Then a brief wave of anxiety hit me. You guys might not know this about me but I have a pretty deep fear of flying. I get incredibly anxious as trips approach and really struggle in those initial moments on the plane and takeoff. I "might" be the woman doing the sign of the cross and praying silently with a slight look of panic on her face. Once I am at cruising altitude I can normally regulate my heart rate and relax ... unless there is turbulence. This fear hasn't gotten better over time ... in some ways it is worse now that I have kids. However ... I made a decision years ago that I wasn't going to let this fear hold me back from seeing and experiencing the world. Travel is one of my greatest passions and facing the fear of flying is the only way I get to experience them. Every single time I go to book a trip that fear creeps in ... and then I book the trip anyways. So many great things are on the other side of your fears ... it just takes the courage to look fear in the eye and do it anyway. They say growth never occurs in comfort zones and my life and journey is a testament to that!

We all have fears that creep into our lives that have the potential to hold us back. It can be the fear of failure or the fear of success. The fear of other people's opinions and judgment. These fears can have the power to keep us from achieving what we are meant to do if we allow them to control our thoughts and therefore our actions.

Fear has two meanings: 1. Forget everything and run 2. Face everything and rise The choice is YOURS. Will you let fear hold you back from reaching your greatest potential? From seeing the world? From doing the thing? Or will you look fear in the eyes and say NOT TODAY and go after your dreams without abandon.

I know what choice I am making. Is it too early to pack my bags?

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